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John’s ’68 Dodge Dart

A regular American Super Stock competitor, John’s Dart came in for engine work and graphics.  The 440 engine features forged pistons, ported heads and a mechanical cam.  The vinyl graphics bring the car to life with a true Super Stock style.

Back again at Billadeau Speed several years later, John’s Dart came in to be fitted with the HEMI which used to power Dave’s Fury.  The valve gear was refitted and it was up and running.  ‘Reckless’ went on to run 11.2s at the 2013 Mopar Nats.

Dave Billadeau’s Plymouth Superbird

Time for another Billadeau project car – a Superbird clone.  Early work included a Dana 60 being built, painting the engine bay, fitting a roll cage and getting the front suspension built and powder coated…

The Superbird came together and the HEMI took residence.  Making 857HP it was good enough for strong 9 second quarter miles at over 140mph!  After a couple seasons in American Super Stock, the car eventually moved on to a new owner.

Howard’s ’68 Dodge Coronet R/T

Howard bought a kit form 493ci engine for his Coronet and came to Billadeau Speed to complete the build. It featured a mild mechanical cam and B1/BS heads.  This produced 550hp on the dyno, with 600ft-lbs of torque.

The engine bay was sandblasted, painted and rewired.  Other jobs included installing the centre console, fitting a fibre glass hood and upgrading the fuel system.  The propshaft was also upgraded to 1350 UJs.

Howard’s photos below show the results.

The Billadeau ’70 Plymouth GTX

Dave’s pride and joy was retired from racing in 2012 and taken back to a near factory original state.  The car was refitted with a numbers matching 440 Six Pack with cast manifolds, which made 417hp and 504ft-lbs of torque.  The roll cage was removed, fuel system taken back to stock and a steel hood with an Air Grabber scoop was fitted.

You can read more about the cars history in the About Dave section.

Paul’s Plymouth Road Runner

The original Road Runner race car from the mid 80’s returns!  Pure nostalgia.  Having been back halfed and caged by Hauser/Webster, the car came to us for paint, wiring and a rebuild as a long term project.

The bulkhead was painted, the front suspension re-bushed, the brakes rebuilt and all parts were powder coated.

The graphics were painted by Byran Whitfield and the signwriting done by Craig Ainge.  Most of the wiring was complete and the 440-1 heads were ported. The 540ci engine parts were ready for assembly…

After one last push the Road Runner was finally back in the hands of Paul.  This long, steady rebuild project was ready to race in the 2012 season, Full Revs!

Andy’s ’66 Dodge Coronet 440

Bozzy steps up, replacing the old Dart with a 1966 Coronet, which he brought over to us before hitting the strip.  New front suspension parts, brakes and push rods were fitted, along with the hood scoop and general MOT work.

Andy returned with the car prior to the 2009 season and it was given a full classic Super Stock paint job, becoming the ‘Spirit of Sixty Six’.