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Bri’s ’69 Dodge Coronet

Having sold his ’68 Charger, Bri acquired this Coronet from Duncan Watts, who imported it into the country.  The car came straight to us for MOT work, wiring and to fit ally heads.  With iron heads, the car had previously run into the 10.9s in the States.

Several years later, Bri brought his Coronet in for an engine bay repaint, transmission rebuild and a 540ci engine was fitted.

Bri freshened up the Coronet in 2015 with some sign writing completed by Craig Ainge, while we added a little airbrush work to finish off the Super Stock styling.

Howard’s ’68 Dodge Coronet R/T

Howard bought a kit form 493ci engine for his Coronet and came to Billadeau Speed to complete the build. It featured a mild mechanical cam and B1/BS heads.  This produced 550hp on the dyno, with 600ft-lbs of torque.

The engine bay was sandblasted, painted and rewired.  Other jobs included installing the centre console, fitting a fibre glass hood and upgrading the fuel system.  The propshaft was also upgraded to 1350 UJs.

Howard’s photos below show the results.