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440 Round Up

Here’s a whole bunch of 440 engines built and supplied throughout 2017.

First up, this 440 was built for Will’s Charger, which was all set to be supercharged.
Will's 440
Another Charger 440 motor, this one was fully rebuilt for Tony’s 1971 R/T model.
440 for '71 Charger
This 440 Six Pack headed off to be fitted in a Jensen.
440 for a Jensen
Finally, here’s a pair of 440 Six Packs.  One is Steve’s numbers matching 1970 Barracuda 440 Six Pack, the other is its replacement.
A pair of 440 Six Packs

Dave Billadeau’s ’67 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon

Yet another new Billadeau toy.  This freshly imported station wagon became the home to a pro-charged 452ci big block.  Based on a 400ci block and fitted with Edelbrock heads, coupled to a 727 transmission and Dana 60 axle, the motor produced 703hp with 720ft-lbs of torque.  Wheels up launches are no problem for this heavyweight!

A 451 short motor was fitted to see out the 2016 season after a breakage, then it was all change again for 2017.   Things stepped up to a 499, built from a 400 block with a stroker crank, Indy heads and a Dominator carb.  705bhp took the car into the 10.4s at 130mph with championship winning consistency!

Billadeau Wagon
Billadeau Wagon
Billadeau Wagon
Billadeau Wagon
Billadeau Wagon
Billadeau Wagon