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Richard’s ’70 Plymouth Road Runner

A real Air Grabber car, originally bought by Dave as a long term background project.  The Road Runner didn’t really get the time it needed though and Richard, who had just sold his ’69 Road Runner, was up for the challenge.

Well here’s the result!  An absolute stunner, thanks to the hard work of Richard Ward, Ashley Rawson and Richard Granger.  Billadeau Speed built the 500ci Six Pack engine for the car, with Indy EZ heads and a mechanical cam.  The motor made 580hp with 600 ft-lbs of torque!

Paul’s Plymouth Road Runner

The original Road Runner race car from the mid 80’s returns!  Pure nostalgia.  Having been back halfed and caged by Hauser/Webster, the car came to us for paint, wiring and a rebuild as a long term project.

The bulkhead was painted, the front suspension re-bushed, the brakes rebuilt and all parts were powder coated.

The graphics were painted by Byran Whitfield and the signwriting done by Craig Ainge.  Most of the wiring was complete and the 440-1 heads were ported. The 540ci engine parts were ready for assembly…

After one last push the Road Runner was finally back in the hands of Paul.  This long, steady rebuild project was ready to race in the 2012 season, Full Revs!

Richard’s ’69 Plymouth Road Runner

After suffering fuel pump problems, Richard called us for help.  We solved this issue then a little engine tune up was completed.   A battery charging problem was also sorted.

Further work to the Road Runner included a Billadeau built 440 Six Pack with ported heads, forged pistons and Scat rods.  It produced 475hp on the dyno, with 530ft-lb of torque.  The rear axle was also rebuilt.  As of May 2010, Richard had run a personal best of 11.8 sec on the strip.

Scott’s ’69 Plymouth Road Runner

Part of the Billadeau Mopar collection, Scott’s 720hp Road Runner had a Billadeau built 540 MP Mega Block with Lunati crank, Ross pistons, Crower roller cam, Manley rods, Indy CNC 440-1 heads and Dominator carb.  As of April 2007 the car had run a best of 10.7@128mph.

Other work included bodywork, fitting the roll bar and wiring.

The Wedge motor was freshened up ready for the 2011 season with a new cam, rings, bearings and a bit of head and intake porting. It dyno’d at 781hp with 698ft-lbs of torque.

Scott's 540 Wedge

The car has since been returned to stock and found a new home.