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Dave Billadeau’s Plymouth Superbird

Time for another Billadeau project car – a Superbird clone.  Early work included a Dana 60 being built, painting the engine bay, fitting a roll cage and getting the front suspension built and powder coated…

The Superbird came together and the HEMI took residence.  Making 857HP it was good enough for strong 9 second quarter miles at over 140mph!  After a couple seasons in American Super Stock, the car eventually moved on to a new owner.

Nick’s ’91 Ford Mustang

Following the installation of a freshly built 347ci stroked small block Ford motor, as seen in the photo, Nick wanted more power.

347ci Ford

A nitrous system was  fitted, which saw ETs drop from 13.0s to 11.3s.  A roll cage was then needed to abide by drag racing rules & regulations, so another visit to us saw that issue solved.  The Mustang was then repainted lime green & black.  The pics below show the bodywork preparation and the completed paint job.

Scott’s ’69 Plymouth Road Runner

Part of the Billadeau Mopar collection, Scott’s 720hp Road Runner had a Billadeau built 540 MP Mega Block with Lunati crank, Ross pistons, Crower roller cam, Manley rods, Indy CNC 440-1 heads and Dominator carb.  As of April 2007 the car had run a best of 10.7@128mph.

Other work included bodywork, fitting the roll bar and wiring.

The Wedge motor was freshened up ready for the 2011 season with a new cam, rings, bearings and a bit of head and intake porting. It dyno’d at 781hp with 698ft-lbs of torque.

Scott's 540 Wedge

The car has since been returned to stock and found a new home.