Rick's Trans Am

Rick’s ’77 Pontiac Trans Am

Rick brought his Trans Am to us for a full restoration.

The car was stripped back to reveal the true extent of the work needed to restore the car to its former glory.

The rear wings and inner arches were cut away and replaced, and were then primered ready for paint.

The first stages of paint were then applied to the rear of the car and to the doors.  The boot lid was prepared for paint and work started on the front end.

The front end was painted and the engine had been fitted back into position following a tidy up.  Work was then underway on the rewiring and refitting of trim as the project neared completion.

At last the Bandit could go cruising! It took a while to complete, with the project been done in between other work, but it was now MOT’d and ready to go!  Check the side by side comparison to see how much the car has been rejuvenated.

Rick's Trans Am